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BFT Vision

To maximize our impact as a premier charismatic, God-seeker driven, community church in Alton while changing lives through a Christian experience.​
BFT Mission
To develop a rigor, relevant, and authentic Christian relationship with our families, community, and abroad.
BFT Culture

Core Values
Out-Reach: The church reaching out to those outside to the unchurched (evangelism, missions).
In-Reach: the church reaching in to those inside the church (empowerment, fellowship).
Up-Reach: The church reaching up by communicating and giving to God (praise, prayer, worship).
Down-Reach: God reaching down by communicating and giving to the church (bible study, preaching, teaching, the holy spirit).

Our guiding principles to communicate start with serving with a spirit of excellence through:
Empowerment: Equipping the saints for 21st century ministry (for the world without end).
Relationships: Developing individuals and building strong families with a christian perspective throughout our church and community.
Prayer: Develop a continuum of God-centered communication; prayer is the voice of faith.

Core Competencies
We are young ministry-minded, progressive and culturally relevant messengers of the Gospel.

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