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WELCOME TO Brown’s Faith Temple COGIC

It is certainly our pleasure to welcome you and your family to Brown’s Faith Temple COGIC of Alton, and pray that in providing this New Member's Guide to you, one will experience family connection. We hope it answers many of your questions,and raises just as many new ones. Most of all, We hope it inspires your participation in Brown’s Faith Temple COGIC. If you have any comments you have about anything in this guide, or what is not, that you think other new members would be interested in, please contact church administration or ministry leadership. As you grow with us in covenant, we pray that a sense of community is established as we are workers one to another (Hebrews 10:23-25) or (2 Corinthians 6:1-10). With everything new and different, our common ground is our praise, worship, and service we give to God and man. That's what Brown’s Faith Temple COGIC is all about. Even those of us who have been at Brown’s Faith Temple COGIC for years are constantly maturing in our faith walk that add to everyone’s enjoyment and enrichment.

As a new member, you have an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop a deeper level of commitment in your relationship with Christ and the church and to experience a different way of life. And, more
than anything, you'll meet wonderful like-minded people who all bring something special to the church experience. We hope you make and develop a many lasting relationships at Brown’s Faith Temple COGIC as We have!


Often, work needs to be done by everyone in order to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This can be helping usher, sing in the choir, or simply cleaning up after an awesome praise and worship event. Our members enjoy sharing their special talents and skills with the rest of the church, and the public at large. We hope you will make use of the resources we offer and that you will make a positive contribution of your own that will add to the enjoyment of others. You'll want to participate in many events and appreciate the benefits everyone gains from the results. The best way to get to know others in the church is by

Volunteering. A great way to meet people is to help out. Offer to help with the ministerial and administrative activities associated with this church.

Like most manuals, is a “living” document. This means that the document is in nearly constant revision and change to keep up with the most current information possible. This is not the “end-all” guide on how things are done. It is merely a guide to help new members get quick information on getting started at Brown’s Faith Temple COGIC and for older members as a reference for refreshment purposes. As such, the information presented here should be used to get the creative juices flowing. It also points to further detail in development on particular subjects. References to approved manuals and other resources are given where available.

If you have trouble finding something, have questions (hopefully lots!), or just want to share a good story, please feel free to contact the church administration or ministry leadership and let them know. This New Member's Guide has been put together to serve you as you begin to explore the richness of this new family you've stumbled upon!

In loving faith,

Pastor of Brown’s Faith Temple COGIC
and Founder of Life Empowerment Outreach Ministries

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